Facebook warned me because I disclose the secret, Japan is a good country.

Facebook warned me because I disclose the secret, Japan is a good country.

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【The Biggest Secret】

We have to keep the secret.

We have to hide from Japanese.

The biggest secret is ......... Japan is a good country!

How can we prevent to reveal the secret.,..

No Worries! There is a manual ;)

1. If Japanese says "I like Japan " You says "Japanese are militarism people!"

2. If Japanese says "Japan is a good country" You says "Japanese are insularism!"

3. If Japanese says "We like to study, many people go to university" You says "Japanese don't study even though they go to university!"

4. If Japanese says "We work so hard" You says "Japanese work like ants, workaholic!"

5. If Japanese says "Japanese are living peacefully even the country is so small" You says "Your house is so small like rabbit hutches, I feel sorry for you"

6. If Japanese says "Japan is a rich country" You says "Japanese are economic animal" so they will be shamed to be wealthy because they are humble.

7. If Japanese says "Japanese have class" You says "No! All other countries people have more class than Japanese!"

8. If Japanese says "Japanese is smart" You says "No! You don't speak English! You are stupid"

9. If Japanese says "Japanese army was strong" You says "Japanese is aggressor country,"

10. If Japanese says "The reason Japan joined the war is self defense and also angry with the colonial policy of western countries" You says "Japanese are aggressor! Aggressor!" so they will be scared to learn history and won't find out the true history.

11. If Japanese says "Japan annexed Korea because at the time Korea was too weak and it will be invaded by other country. It will face Japan in crisis " You says "apologize! I demand apology! If they apologize, remember "Comfort woman" and say Japan is not apologize enough!"

12. Japanese is healthy Let's make them eat junk food, and also Beef! They will be fat and unhealthy soon!

13. Japanese proud of their history. Let's teach them how bad they are at school!

14. Japanese might find out the secret... Let's broadcast how much Japan is hated by other countries people.

15. Japanese worker's quality is very high.. Let's accept low qualified immigrants to lower the productivity.

16. Japanese products are high quality. But no worries, low quality immigrants started join the product line. The image of "made in Japan"will be degraded soon.

17. If Japanese says "Japanese is one of the safest countries" You says "Japanese wearing rose glasses, you guys totally lack a sense of crisis , and feeling living in such a peaceful world." in a sarcastic way.

18. If Japanese says "Japanese have broad point of view and think about entire world" You says "You are kidding, Japan is an island. You can't have global view "

19. If Japanese says "Japan has Emperor, Japanese Imperial history is the longest in the world"   You says "so? "

20. If Japanese says "Japan is one of the most advanced country "   You says "well, so what?"

21. If Japanese says "Japanese products are high quality, high performance" You says "No wonder, Japanese products are too expensive "

22. If Japanese says "Japanese anime is popular all over the world" Let's stereotype "Japanese anime? oh that Hentai (sexual pervert)? "

23.Japanese are smart. Let's teach them only grammar when they go to junior high school. So that they will hesitate to speak with other countries people. They will not find out that they are smart.

24. On Facebook Japan is very popular. Let's make them clearly know that Facebook must register with real name! No nick name at all! So Japanese won't use it because they like to be anonymous.

25. If Japanese says "Japan is a special country" You says "oh you are overly self conscious "

26. Japanese food is popular. No need to worry. Not many people realize most of Japanese restaurants all over the world are run by Korean and Chinese.

27. Japanese TV programs are so popular. We have to stop them! Let's make foreigners believe that 'Takeshi's Castle' and 'Iron Chef' are the latest TV program in Japan.

28. If Japanese says "Japanese are fashionable" You says "Japanese is uniform and boring"

29.Japanese army was strong. Keep in secret! In text books trivialize as much as we can.

30. If Japan says "Japan was so strong and even won with Russia." You says "Shame on you! You are aggressor! "then Japanese will be ashamed and not find out the secret

31. Japanese army is strong. Let's hide the secret. Make Japanese believe that they are hopeless without US.

32 Q. How can we hide the big secret that Japan was so strong and almost send the US over the edge? A. Don't tell them.

33. If Japanese says "We would like to be independent so we need Army not Self Defence Forces" You say "Are you going to start a war again!? You never learn..."

34. If Japanese says "We are not allowed to dispatch Self Defense Forces because it is illegal according to our constitution" A. Acuse them not putting real effort

35. If Japanese says "We achieved high economic growth" You say "Japanese have to thank to GHQ.(General Headquarters of the Allied Forces) America helped Japan so much"

36. If Japanese says "Japan is keep on growing" You say "You are lucky because you don't need to spend money for Military"

37. Australia get realized the Japan is a good country, what should we do? You say "Whaling! Whaling! Japan is Whaling! Nanjing Massacre! Whaling!" Then they will break up;

38. Q.Japanese culture takes up young Korean. What should we do? A. Denial! Japan is interested in Korea. Korean boom in Japan!

39. If Japanese says "Japan is a good country" You are liar! No basis in fact! Let's sack the head of SDF who said Japan is a good country. Such a liar!

40. If Japanese says "Japan is always at the top of the list which gives good influence to the world." you say "It's just a compliment. Don't be arrogant. Do not take seriously. Be humble, It's just a complement"

41. If Japanese says "There is not many countries which still hold grudge against Japan" Let's say "You are wrong" Let Japanese know how much Japan is hated. Oppose to visit to Yasukuni Shrine. Japanese must feel guilty forever. Let's rub salt into the wound!"

42.Q. What should we do? Japan might overcome this difficult situation as usual. A. Don't need to worry, this time not only natural disaster but also human-made disaster. Japanese can't overcome this time. Japan won't recover.

43. Q. The calm attitude after the earthquake surprise other countries people, they might find out Japanese's ability to stay calm and also their dignity. A. Let's control Japanese Media not to report anything good thing about Japan.

44. Q. Japanese started to demonstration for the biased media especially favored to Korea. A. Let's condemned Japan as a racist country. Also Japan is getting military country which reminds us WWII..

45. Japanese is getting angry... As you know it is so difficult to make Japanese angry, but once they get angry they are furious, non stoppable. We should have learn.

46. This is NOT GOOD. Japanese started to unite, They are useless as an individual, but as a team they are so strong. Oh my gosh our 66years effort to sabotage Japan is go down to drain. Oh It's all over!!


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1. 日本が好きだ → 軍国主義!

2. 日本はいい国 → 島国根性!

3. 日本は向学心があり、進学率が高い → 大学にいっても勉強しないくせに!

4. 日本人は働き者である → 働き蟻、ワーカーホリックと言い換えてみよう。

5. 日本人はこんな狭い国によくもまあ平和的に暮らしている → ウサギ小屋と気の毒がってあげよう

6. 日本はお金持ちである → エコノミックアニマルと呼び、謙虚な日本人に裕福であることを恥させよう

7. 日本人は品格がある → いいえ、他の国の人すべてが日本人より品格があります。

8. 日本人は頭がいい → いいえ、英語が話せないので、頭が悪いです!

9. 日本軍は強かった → 侵略国家ですからね〜

10. 日本が戦争を始めたのは実は自分の国が危険だったせいと、西洋のアジアに対する植民地政策に腹を立てていたから → 侵略国!侵略国!といい続け本当の歴史から目をそむけさせましょう

11. 韓国を統合したのは、あまりに弱い国だったから、そのままにしていると侵略されるし、自分たちに危機が及ぶから → 謝罪!謝罪!もし謝罪したら従軍慰安婦!そして謝罪!

12. 日本人は健康だ → ジャンクフードを食べさせよう。ついでに牛肉も!いつか日本人をぶくぶくの不健康にしましょう

13. 日本人は自国に誇りを持つ民族だ → 学校の授業で日本がいかに悪い国か教えよう。

14. 大人になってこの秘密に気が付きそう → 日本がいかに世界から嫌われているかテレビで放送する。

15. 日本の労働力のレベルは高い → レベルの低い移民を受け入れさせ、生産性のレベルを一気に下げる。

16. 日本製の製品のレベルは高い → 移民による生産が始まったので、レベルが下がるのは時間の問題。日本製ブランドの信用は落ちる。

17. 日本は世界にまれに見るほど安全だ → 平和ボケ!お花畑!と揶揄する

18. 大局観があり、地球全体のことを考えている → 島国なんですよ、世界的視野があるわけがないでしょ!と高圧的に言う。

19. 由緒正しき天皇制があり、世界からうらやまれている → それがなにか?

20. 日本は最先端である → ふ〜ん

21. 日本のあらゆる製品は高品質、高性能で世界的信用がある → 高いからね〜

22. 日本のアニメは人気だ → アニメ=変態と思い込ませましょう。 日本!ヘンタイ!アニメ!ヘンタイ!

23. 日本人は質が高い → 英語を話させない。中学生になるまで待って文法だけを教えれば、後はひとりでに日本人は英語が苦手だと思い込んでいる。これで日本人は外に出ないから、ばれない^^

24. FACEBOOK上では日本が人気 → FAEBOOKは絶対!実名ですよといって、日本人が使うのを阻止する

25. 日本は特別な国だ → いいえ、自意識過剰です

26. 日本の食べ物は人気がある → 日本人気がついていないから放置。海外の日本食レストランの多くが、中国人、韓国人経営であることに世界も気がついていない。

27. 日本のテレビは人気がある → これ以上流出させない。海外には、「風雲たけし城」と「料理の鉄人」が今一番人気の最新番組だと思わせておく。

28. 日本のファッションは人気 → 個性がないとでも言っとけ

29. 日本軍は強かった → 隠せ!日本人に知られないようにしよう!教科書には最小限、矮小化して書いておけ。

30. それもロシアに勝つくらい強かった → 戦争をしたのは恥だ!侵略国だ!といい続ければ、人のいい日本人は気がつかない。

31. 日本軍は今も強い → それも極秘だ!アメリカがいないと何もできないとと思わせよう!

32. 日本が実はアメリカに一時は勝ちそうなくらい強かったことはどうやって隠す? → 教えない

33. 日本が自立して軍隊を持ちたいといったら → まだ懲りずに戦争をする気かぁ!と怒る

34. 海外支援に自衛隊を出せないので、お金を出した → 金さえ出せばいいのか!と責める

35. 高度成長した → アメリカのおかげだ。戦後GHQがずいぶん助けたからね〜。

36. 成長し続けている → 軍事力にお金を使ってないから楽だよね〜と嫌味を言う

37. やばい、オーストラリアが最近日本の本当のよさに気がつき始めている → 鯨!鯨!く〜じ〜ら!南京!南京!鯨!これで彼らの縁もすぐに切れる

38. 今度は韓国人の若者が日本の文化に興味を持ってきた → NO NO 日本が韓国に興味があるのです。韓流ブームです。

39. 日本はいい国 → うそだ!虚偽だ!事実無根だ!そんな真っ赤なうそを言う自衛隊幹部はクビだ!首だ!

40. 日本はいつも世界にいい影響を与える国で毎年上位 → お世辞です。傲慢になってはいけません。謙虚に受け止めましょう。お世辞なんです。

41. 第二次世界大戦のことで日本を恨んでいる国はほとんどない → うそだ!靖国神社参拝絶対反対!未来永劫、罪悪感にさいなまれてもらう。傷口に塩を塗る。

42. またいつものように日本は災害から立ち直りそう → 今度は自然災害+人災だから大丈夫、立ち直らせない

43. 震災後の落ち着いた様子が世界に広められて、日本人の冷静さ、品格の高さがばれ始めた。 → もうこれ以上日本の良いところは世界に広めないようにする。日本の記者に日本の駄目なところだけを報道させる。

44. デモなんかするから世界が気づき始めた → 日本は隣国を嫌う人種差別国家ですよ、駄目な国ですね。最近は右翼化してきますよ〜 と広めよう。

45. 日本人がマジで怒り始めた → やばい、日本人はめったに怒らないが、怒ったらものすご〜く怖いのを忘れてた。

46. 日本人が団結し始めた → わ〜もう駄目だ、日本人は一人では怖くないけど、団結したら恐ろしい力を発揮する国民性だった。うわ〜66年間の日本破壊工作活動が水の泡!?
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